How to Potty Train a Puppy



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If that new puppy is having accidents indoors, these tips will have them doing their business outside.

Step 1: Create a routine
Set a dependable routine that trains your puppy to eat, to go for a walk, and to use the potty at specific times during the day.

Step 2: Set up an outside area
Set up an outside potty area for your puppy to use and put them out frequently, especially after eating and drinking.

Use a leash the first few times to escort your furry friend to the right area.

Step 3: Repeat a consistent phrase
Repeat a consistent phrase to let your puppy know it is time to use the bathroom, and reward them with food or a new toy right after they go.

Don't punish or scream at your puppy when they have an accident indoors. All this will teach them is to fear you, not potty outside.

Step 4: Keep an eye on your dog
Keep a close eye on your puppy and if you sense they have to go, put them outside in the potty area immediately.

Place soiled towels in the potty area as the smell will teach your puppy to go there.

Step 5: Be patient and consistent
Be patient and consistent with your training and give it several weeks, depending on the puppy's personality and intelligence. You've done yourself and your dog a big favor.

Did You Know?
Rottweilers and golden retrievers are among the most intelligent dog breeds while the beagle, basset hound, and bulldog are ranked the lowest.