august 20 glencadia dog camp




Here is some background to increase your enjoyment and understanding of the videos. First, I just cut my finger on a can. How does this information increase you're understanding and enjoyment of the blog today? Not much but it does slow me down in terms of typine and incdreases yhe likehood of a typo. Okay, a bandagE shoudl help that.

Now I have a bandage. Better. But I also have a baby in the sling and have to type standing up.

When I download the video in HD, they are worse, sort of ghosted... and some old videos were in the camera. Some of those dogs are already home.

Also, to make editing simple, I just mash them all together, but that's reverse chronological order. Which makes the story line whacky (first Duece eats tomatoes off the vine, then he learns where they are).

So the hay is drying in the field: you might notice it. And you will see the hay wagon the hay man left here. A big flock of swallows is sitting on the line out there. Is that yet another sign of fall? You hear us chatting about it. We might have hay bales this afternoon. Hope so but it will mean a lot of work.

Lela gets to go out in her own yard all day and does get quite work out going in and out... because she doesn't sit still. And a walk. And I let her have a few minutes in the big yard every day by herself. But I would love to let her run a little in the field. I almost let go of the leash today... but decided not to. Instead I took her for some barking at the ponies, which is another of her favorite activities.

Jackson is coughing. I have the two of them (with Cassie) away from the main group... pretty far away actually... because I'm concerned about that coughing... you can hear it in the video.

Duece does love tomatoes. Fenway, less so. Maggie got free run of the place this morning, since she is going to be here so long, and she took full advantage of it to bite my cat. The cat seemed fine but spooked and is hiding somewhere in the barn. Maggie has a small and well-deserved cut on her nose. Rocky ran into a root in his hole and had to chew it out of the way. He also demostrated his lack of interest me saying, "Rocky Come!"

Reilly took off when it was his turn for a toot and hung around the barn. Same with Pony. Shannon was still feeding other dogs and I guess they figured, where there's food, there's me.

I think Shannon talks a little. Shannon is my neighbor who works here in the mornings, when she isn't cutting trees, breaking horses, fixing tractors, shooting deer or slaughtering cattle.

Adelaide does not knock over my son. But she is working on my daughter. But she did learn that if you bang the screen door with the right rhythm, it comes open (my dogs know this and maybe showed her the technique). She ran in the house and made the bed dirty. You may hear my wife yelling for me to come "get this dog." That's the dog in question.

Luna realized that you can go under the hedge and into the lawn by the house. I don't want the guest dogs to figure that out (no dogs inside the picket fence, no children outside the fence, that was the idea, as a general rule), but she was quite polite about not going under the hedge after I told her not to.

Ollie is quite taken with Licorice's tail.

Freddy: somehow I remember not to let him free with my kids but I can't remember why. When I go for the second round when the battery is charged, I will have no kids around, damn it.

My memory was full and my batteries ran out before I could really finish. So after this, I will go out and make some more.

Video won't be available for a long time. Still converting, then I have to upload, and then it has to process. Maybe 2 pm EST... thanks.