Puppy Obedience Training - How To Train A Puppy



Puppy Obedience Training - How To Train A Puppy. Doggy Dan's 5 Day Course Day part 2 - Puppy Training. Dan shows us how to get started from day one training you puppy on and off the leash. Simple effective tutorial and Dan makes it look so easy.

Start off with just a couple of minutes training at a time. Build up as you go on. This little chap is only 9 weeks old but soon grasps the training on hand and really looks like he is enjoying :)

Puppy Obedience Training is really easy if you know what you are doing. Dan has perfected this over many years working with thousands of dogs from every breed you can think off. His techniques are well known on how to train a puppy and he now offers on online course for all dog owners to help them achieve the perfect doggy friend.

Just follow this video and start off with just 5 individual 2 minute segments of training in say half an hour. Golden rules is not to over do it, and a little treat will make each 'good boy' step easy to remember for your puppy. As you well know, the attention span of a puppy is very small so you have to help the concentration with those delicious treats.

As you build up each day, the amount of training increases. It starts to become second nature to your puppy. Its not going to easy for some, different breeds have different attention time spans. But if you get into a daily habit, your dog will start to know what to expect and everything starts to fall into place.

There are many other little priceless tips and tricks Dan teaches which can all be found in his training course. Find out more at Dans website and how to order your online dog training package of videos and instruction by going to: http://tinyurl.com/DanPuppyTrainingVideos

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