Basic Puppy Obedience Training at 8 Weeks



Basic puppy obedience training with Charlie Rose (Australian Shepherd) at 8 weeks. At this point, she was just beginning to understand some basic commands and responded quite well to come, sit, and down. For the first several weeks we had her, we only concentrated on these commands. We transitioned to mainly hand commands within the week this video was taken. We added stay shortly after this, yet we now understand that stay probably should have been the first command to train her. We are not professional trainers by any extent and we continue to learn all the time.

At 7 months she can now sit, down, stay, roll over, play dead, spin, shake, high five, back up, place, kennel up and we are working on heel. She has also been introduced to very basic low agility course items (no jumps!) and she seems to love it so far. She really works hard to please and always wants a job! Aussies are extremely smart and can take a lot of time to challenge to keep them happy. I would say that we keep her quite happy though with 5-6 training/exercise sessions per day! Our goal is for her to be worn out by the end of the day. Of course, this wears us out as well which is another great benefit of an active breed :)

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